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COVID-19 Test Information

FDA Approved Rosch Diagnostics Antibody COVID-19 Test with ~98% Sensitivity Results.

COVID-19 Testing: We now offer Same day PCR COVID test, Rapid PCR COVID test, Free COVID 19 testing, Travel COVID Testing, Rapid COVID 19 Testing in Jacksonville FL

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PCR Molecular Testing :

Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a laboratory technique combining reverse transcription of RNA into DNA and amplification of specific DNA targets using polymerase chain reaction (PCR). It is primarily used to measure the amount of a specific RNA.

How is a PCR test done? The swab samples are used in a lab test to identify the presence of Sars-CoV2 virus.

PCR swab tests are used during an active infection when the virus is in the body even if the person has no symptoms.

PCR Testing in Jacksonville, FL can be done by booking an appointment and directly walk in to the lab or via Home Collection Kit.

Turn Around time : How long does a PCR test take? PCR test result time within 24 to 48hrs.

Self Pay Fees:  $150 For Direct Walk-in /  $150 For Home Collection Kit(includes Shipping)

Insurance Lab Fee: $25*



Antigen Testing (Rapid Diagnostic test) :

One type of rapid diagnostic test (RDT) detects the presence of viral proteins (antigens) expressed by the COVID-19 virus in a sample from the respiratory tract of a person. 


In COVID-19, the sensitivity of these tests might be expected to vary from 34% to 80%. Like RT-PCR, the rapid COVID 19 test too seeks to detect the virus rather than the antibodies produced by the body. While the mechanism is different, the most significant difference between the two is time. The RT-PCR test takes a minimum of 2-5 hours including the time taken for sample transportation.

It is a test on swabbed nasal samples that detects antigens (foreign substances that induce an immune response in the body) that found on or within the SARS-CoV-2. These test will give faster results and the test results sent directly to mail or mobile numbers of people trusted

Turn Around time : Rapid Antigen Testing Results Within 2 hrs.

Fees : Self-Pay: $90


Same Day Results COVID Testing, Jacksonville FL

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 Insurance Billing:

1. If the insurance company does not cover the test Expenses and pay the claim, then the person tested will be responsible for  the payment of the test.

2. Insurance not accepted for Travel purposes.

3. Insurance not accepted for COVID-19 Antibody test

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