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Home COVID-19 Testing

Order this "At Home Covid-19 Test" so that you can stay safe! The test is easy to follow and Ace is here to help you through the entire process. Collect your sample at home and ship it free for secure digital results within 24-48 hours of the lab receiving your sample. Your box will include a return label to ship your sample back to us. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Learn how to collect a sample from the comfort of your home.


When you complete your purchase, you will receive confirmation and your test will be shipped out the following business day. Be on the lookout for shipping information. Your box will include a return label to send your sample back to us!


Once you receive your test, please watch the video above provided by the University of Michigan that shows you how to draw a sample. If you would like to schedule a video meeting to have us walk you through the swabbing process, let us know!


After your swab is collected, properly put the sample back into the package. Then you can place the return label on the outside of the same package we sent you and ship it back to us!


Within 24 hours of receiving your sample, we will email your results to you. There will be a tracking number throughout the whole process so you know where your sample is, and feel free to call us for any status updates.

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